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künstlerwohnhaus winkelwiese zürich

three appartments with its own atelier for artists in residence 
a public building with exhibition space

integrated discipline landscape architecture, Professur Günther Vogt

spring semester 2018 - ETH Zürich

The privileged location at Winkelwiesestrasse in Zurich offers a breathtaking view of the Lake Zurich while remaining away from the city's inconveniences. This is the location chosen to design this rather very concrete project of two buildings to accommodate artists in residence.

In terms of urban planning, the buildings sit down in a way to create three outdoor spaces : the access road and courtyard, the private garden side to the east and the public park to the west. The first volume houses public spaces such as the exhibition room, while the other contains the three apartments, each with its own attached studio. The two buildings are mineral volumes in which the spaces have been dug and to which all the necessary technique has been added. This includes sanitary facilities, lighting, outdoor blinds and the entire solar system on the flat roof that completes the silhouette of a house.

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