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analysis - house E 1027 by Eileen Gray

autumn semester 2018 - ETH Zürich
(in team with Mathieu Bulliard, Turi Colque and Tanja Kern)

hidden interiors

a work & stay hotel at kalkbreitestrasse

autumn semester 2018 - ETH Zürich
(in team with Mathieu Bulliard)

The project of the Work&Stay Hotel at Kalkbreitestrasse in Zürich takes its primary essence from Eileen Gray's house E 1027 in Roquebrune.
Based on a back and forth process of design, the first idea is a built-in building which stretches itself from the furniture to the room, and from the room to the existing facade. The new structure contains both private and public rooms while the replaced translucent glazing of the existing facade makes the light the only connection with the outside.

The program is aimed for working men and women who need place in such a global city to prepare a talk or a performance. Private rooms are rather specific but interchangeable, allowing people to choose which role or person they want to embody.

The project tries to give constructive answers to various details between the existing and new as well as questioning the political and social role of architecture.

concept model

the lobby

the room type -maestro-

the main salon

the circulation

the garden

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